7.2.2015 - Happiness! Demastered Edition

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, we released our first game to the masses. It was as much an exercise and a learning experience as it was a gift to the public. The attempt was to make something NES style, and for the most part it showed. However, a lot about it just didn't quite completely capture the look and feel of classics like Super Mario Bros. 3 or Mega Man, and there were a few bugs and dependencies and performance issues here and there that kind of irked us... so we opted for a complete reworking overhaul of the whole game. Unfortunately, that means any old saves made for the game will not function properly. However, we felt that it was worth it considering the end result is a lot more stable, more streamlined, and more NES-like than before. We are super excited to present to you HAPPINESS! Demastered Edition!

Go cheer up some monsters and share your experiences with us on our Twitter and our Facebook!

11.25.2014 - The Revahlen Demo Is Here!

It's here! The demo for our current project REVAHLEN is out!

Give it a try and leave us some feedback on our Twitter. Happy hunting!

11.11.2014 - Revahlen Demo Release

Wow, it's been awhile! Plenty of updates to bring up. If you've been paying attention to the Twitter feed, you'll see that we've announced a release date for the demo to our upcoming action RPG REVAHLEN on the 25th. We have also been invited back for another podcast with our friends at Geeks With Wives at the end of the month. So stay tuned, lots of good things in store this month!

7.15.2014 - Tom Talks Writing Game Scripts

Tom wrote an article for Geeks With Wives titled Five Things You Should Know Before Writing A Video Game Script. It's an interesting read dropping some insight into the story development process for games from the point of view of a screenwriter. Check it out!

6.1.2014 - Site Relaunch

Hello world. Welcome to the relaunch of! Lots of updates going on, especially dealing with our current work in progress REVAHLEN. Tom has also been pretty busy, updating the Facebook and Twitter feeds with sneak peeks, so keep checking into them, too. And of course, HAPPINESS remains free to play, so if you haven't given that a playthrough yet do yourself a favor and hug some monsters.