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Revahlen Treatment completed!

Hey Tommy here.

I was supposed to jump on here a few days ago and up date everyone on a few things, but I was extremely busy with a new addition to my family. As of Saturday the Revahlen treatment was completed. The process took longer than I expected, but I think that was about the approach that we took with the story. I’m not sure if I wrote this already – so bare with me if I’m being redundant – but Revahlen was originally meant to be three separate stories/episode, but they got combined during the writing process into one large game. Because of that, I think it took a little work merging some things together. In the end I like the move and I’m happy with the end result.

I’m going to begin working on the script at the end of this week, and I’m hoping that process will move quickly, but of course the same kind of hiccups could pop up as they did in the treatment so I’m weary of laying out a timetable. Don’t worry though, part of reason for the extensive outlining and treatment process was to allow us to work on aspects of the game concurrently. The game, at this point, is being worked off the treatment and we’ll fine tune it with the script.

I know what you’re thinking, as it crossed my mind as well, “If you’re working off the treatment, why is the script necessary?”  It’s because the treatment is good for major in game events and planning/designing characters and locations, but it’s not so great for pacing and story telling nuances.. Even though I won’t give a time for the script to be done, I can say that it usually moves fast despite the larger page and word count – all the decisions are already made, I just have to writer it.

Other news!

Did you guys check out the Geeks With Wives podcast that we were on?

The guys on there were really cool and we’re certainly grateful for the opportunity and promotion they gave us. The show is a fun watch so check it out. We revealed a lot of information on Revahlen and some of our future projects, in addition to some of the background information on Happiness. Anyways, check it out, we should have some more news on the horizon.

Till next time!

The Road to Revahlen continues…

Tommy here, to give you a bit of an update on how Revahlen is going and where we are in the process.


I’m currently about 2/3′s done with the treatment process – and if you missed my tumblr post on what a treatment is you can read it here. To elaborate a bit more on treatments, mainly because many people are unfamiliar with them, they’re were you begin to do more of the actual writing of the project, at least with more detailed ones, which are usually called Scriptments. Treatments can be sometimes frustrating because that’s where you start to see the project as a whole – Characters begin to flesh out, plot holes appear, dialog is trickling in – it’s basically where you learn how much work your project will actually be. If the dialog is there  or you see things that are  repetitive , then you can just trim that out before the next step. If you discover that your main character is flat or unlikable than you may still have a ton of work in front of you, playing with character events, history, and dynamics.

I’m here to report that the treatment for Revahlen, thus far, has gone relativity smoothly. Any problems that I’ve seen have been small. Some have been larger things that I want to change, but I wouldn’t consider them a problem more than smoothing out the story. Stephen King said in On Writing that when you’re writing a story it’s like walking through a forest. You see individual trees as you pass by them. When you’re done, you see the forest – meaning, you see the project in it’s entirety and things that sounded interesting may not sound so good with the rest of the project. Without finishing the treatment yet, I’m beginning to see some of those connections.

I’m hoping to be done with the treatment soon. I know what’s going to happen and what to write, it’s just a matter of getting it down on paper. The actual script work will finish shortly thereafter.

Other News

Did you check out our first interview with Australian Retro Gamer yet? If not check it out. The site is also a good visit for any thing retro gaming, solid quick reads with a clean website. I just want to take another quick moment to thank the team there again as that was our first third party published exposure.

We also have a guest appearance with Geeks With Wives next week. We’ll be promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr with more information shortly. So stay tuned!